To inculcate a sense of responsibility towards smooth and discipline functioning of an institution, Alongside provide a holistic dimensions to a lifelong education . Evergreen Senior Secondary School Vasundhara Enclave Delhi, organised the " Investiture Ceremony " 2016-2017. The occasion emphasized the importance of perserverance , service and reliability among pupils. Adorned with sashes,the designated students carried the school flag flying high with honour followed by the vibrant flags of four houses- Aravali , Nilgiri , Satpura , and Shivalik . School Principal Prianka Gulati administered the oath of allegiance to the office bearers and pinned the badge of responsibility entrusted upon them . In her inspiring address she urged every student to introspect, explore their inner strength to eradicate undesirable traits which hamper positivity and be the winner of their minds. Focussing upon the parameters of a committed leader she motivated them to have a balanced diet and maintain a sound health. As the school marches forward to a new enriching session the students assigned with posts pledged to uphold the Evergreenarian values and scale insurramountable heights of success through their honest and consistent efforts. The programme concluded with the rendition of national anthem.